In Pursuit of Happiness

On the Ramparts

If we spend our lives pursuing happiness, it will produce a mere veneer of happiness that will last only for a moment and then be gone until the next purchase/holiday/event or whatever. This kind of happiness I describe as that ‘gentle washing of surf on shingle on a balmy summer evening’ feeling. It is transitory and soon fades when stormy seas come. The momentary ‘fire’ soon disappears when the cold water of reality is poured on it the next day.

True happiness deep down inside comes from losing ourselves to a higher cause, to our creator God, and that happiness then radiates outwards from within and lasts. We will never find true happiness by pursuing happiness!

If you really want to find yourself, you need to lose yourself!

Think about it!

Be blessed and thanks for reflecting with me.

(All pictures and words on this site are copyright of Terry Yarrow unless otherwise stated)


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