When is a Hybrid Not a Hybrid?

The motor!
When is a hybrid not a hybrid?

I heard an interesting item on the news this morning concerning hybrid cars. Before anyone points it out, I know this is not a hybrid car πŸ™‚ – when this car was made, the only known hybrid things were probably roses πŸ™‚ !

The news item was about people buying hybrid cars that run on both electricity and petrol in order to help the environment, and they have been receiving a government subsidy designed to encourage people to switch to this better alternative. However, the question is, when is a hybrid not a hybrid? Well, when you don’t use it as it was intended! It seems that people have been using these cars as normal vehicles, running on petrol all the time, and many have never actually been connected to any electric socket. Naturally this negates the benefit of having a hybrid vehicle in the first place since it is actually USING the electric facility that helps the environment, not just having that ability.

It just occurred to me that people are like that. We are all ‘hybrids’ having both a physical side and a spiritual side! That’s what makes us complete people. The problem is that whilst everyone connects with the world, not everyone connects to the spiritual. We spend a lot of time interacting with worldly things, and lets face it we have far too many ‘things’, but we need to remember that we should tap into the spiritual too. We need to ‘plug into’ God to feed the spiritual because if we don’t, that side of us is useless and we are not complete people as we were intended to be – something is missing! What you feed grows, and what you starve dies, so feed all of you and don’t let the spirit die!

Think about it!

Be blessed and thanks for reflecting with me.

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  1. Dear Hybrid Terry…. I so agree with everything you have written but in today’s world so many people are ‘worldly’ wise and believe in science and the Theory of evolution…Very few stop and listen to the spiritual call on each of our lives.

    If you begin by looking at each of our DNA strands – they are so perfect that if stretched out in a single strand they would reach to the moon and back and each of us is so unique. How can any of us explain this ?

    For me it is impossible to believe that this all happened by accident, there is no way I could ever consider that we all started from a big bang and a gloopy mess of cells …life had to require a creator with a plan of infinite creativity. Noone has ever shown that one species has evolved into a totally different species and yet this is currently what is being taught in schools. I would really ask anyone who is skeptical about the existence of God to consider the beauty and uniqueness of nature ….Thank you Terry for your writing

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    1. Thanks Kev. Totally agree – whilst some find it hard to believe in a God, I think it is harder to NOT believe there is a creator God. Hopefully in some small way, my writing might inspire someone to consider the ‘spiritual call’ further. This post came to me whilst I was praying this morning.


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