Several years ago I set up my first blog, The Dorset Rambler, to showcase my passion for walking, camping, the outdoors, the countryside, and all things Dorset (my home county), supported by my own photographs. From time to time, I have included in that blog items of a more spiritual/creative nature which perhaps don’t really fit in with The Dorset Rambler strap line which is ‘Exploring the Countryside and Lanes of Dorset’. Because of this, I have now decided to separate out these sorts of posts into a second blog which I have called ‘Time to Reflect’.

I have been a Christian since my teens and I spend time each day in prayer, bible reading, and reflection, and often I come across things that I would like to share with others. Some of these inspirations will undoubtedly come when I am out walking through the lovely countryside and hills of Dorset. That desire to share is where this blog comes from.

I also have in me a need to be creative, be it through photography, art, poetry, my writing, or whatever, and usually the intention is to be thought provoking or to inspire in some small way. Some of those items will also find their way onto these pages.

Time to Reflect is about taking time out from our busy ‘doing’ lives and spending some time ‘being’. It is about the Christian, the spiritual, the creative, the reflective side of life – what I call the intangibles. It is about spirit and soul in a simple and accessible way. It is about prompting reflection on life and our world.

I hope you will find this blog both interesting, helpful and thought provoking, and that it will in some small way lead towards a better life and a better world.

Thank you for reading and for your interest.

If you are interested in the countryside and the outdoors, walking, the landscape, or Dorset and would like to read my other blog, The Dorset Rambler, you will find it here.