Dream dreams

Dream dreams, have your head in the clouds, but keep your feet on the ground

Oh to dream dreams, and to encourage others to do the same. I have blogged before about how children should be encouraged to daydream, to use their imaginations, to be creative rather than to constantly strive to achieve under a performance based lifestyle that might well have a negative impact on all who ‘fail’ to achieve what others think they should. This ability to dream dreams and imagine possibilities produces visionaries of the future, and a more positive, hope filled life.

There is a caveat to that though. To just dream dreams constantly is to be like a feather floating eternally on the breeze, never settling anywhere, just wafting wherever the breeze decides and having no direction. It is to be like a leaf floating on the water just being carried wherever the tide thinks fit. It is to be at the beck and call of other forces which in the extreme will lead nowhere in particular.

There is a balance. Those who succeed best, succeed in finding that balance. They dream but they also live in reality. They imagine well the possibilities but they are able to take solid steps to reach those possibilities and bring them to reality. They don’t just dream, they dream with a purpose which enables them to pursue those dreams.

The spiritual life can be like this. There is a maxim that says we can be so spiritual as to be no earthly good. That’s not what the bible teaches. The spiritual and the practical run together.

So dream dreams! Think possibilities! Have your head in the clouds! But keep your feet on the ground!

Thanks for visiting Time to Reflect and for reflecting with me.

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