Be something beautiful in the midst of the everyday

Urban Wildlife
Something beautiful in the midst of the everyday

It is a rather wet and grey day here today so I thought it would be good to have something summery to brighten things up 🙂 ! I took this whilst on a walk and I thought this patch of wild flowers was absolutely gorgeous, so bright and vibrant, enough to lift anyone’s mood. Was it in a beautiful part of our countryside as you might surmise from this picture? Actually, no!

In fact, to the left is a rather smelly (so I’m told as ‘smelly’ means nothing to me) sewage works, straight ahead is a busy road junction with an industrial estate beyond, to the right is a large business hotel, and behind me is another industrial estate. This small patch of wild flowers, no more than a verge really, is surrounded by industrial and everyday, functional buildings. It is in the centre of a busy town, a wonderful countryside oasis in the middle of an industrial ‘desert’. It is something really bright to cheer up what is a rather dull, concrete laden area!

It just made me think about people – there is so much tragedy around and we are often surrounded by hurt and need. But we can each be something beautiful in the midst of the everyday. We can all add a bit of brightness and positivity to those around us who are maybe feeling not at their best, who are feeling a bit ‘industrial’ rather than ‘colourful countryside’. This patch of bright cheerfulness really lit up that part of my walk, and we can all do that as we walk through life.

It might just take a smile, a cheery ‘hello’, a little bit of much needed help for someone in need, a listening ear for someone who needs to talk – something very minor and seemingly insignificant can make all the difference to someone in need, just like this little pocket of colour made all the difference to a grey area!

No matter how small we might feel, we can all be something beautiful in the midst of the everyday!

Thanks for visiting Time to Reflect and for reflecting with me. I hope you will all have a very happy and blessed Easter.

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