Long tails,
Sharp nails,
Bright eyes,
Night cries,
Keep me awake!

Sleep light,
Often fight,
Lazy days,
Piercing gaze,
Makes me quake.

Catch mice,
Not nice,
Hate dogs,
Not frogs,
Round the lake.

Grow old,
Never cold,
Rarely smell,
Feed well,
Especially on hake.

(Terry Yarrow)

I came across this short poem that I wrote some time ago so I thought I would post it on here 🙂 As you may know, I am an animal lover but we don’t have a cat now, mainly because I like to encourage wild birds to the garden and cats and birds don’t go well together. Although, having said that, our cat, when he was alive, could never catch anything apart from bits of rubbish which he brought back regularly and deposited on our doorstep. It could be quite embarrassing though because one day he brought a tracksuit bottom, and the next day he brought the top…….but we had no idea where he got it from! He also once brought an exposed film canister but again, we didn’t know where he got it from.

Animals give a lot of love though, and owning one can be therapeutic, as well as providing great company for old people who might be lonely otherwise. And since loneliness is such a sad thing to see, this is a celebration of pets who provide so much to so many people!

Thanks for visiting Time to Reflect and for reflecting with me.

In case you missed yesterday’s post – To Dream or not to Dream – there is a link here.

(All words and pictures in this blog are copyright of Terry Yarrow and must not be reproduced without permission)

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