Beneath the Tree

Summer on the Farm
Beneath the Tree – a wonderful way to let stress drain away!

Sitting below this bower’s shade
With dappled light upon the glade,
The wind’s caress is all around,
The roots wind deep into the ground,
Dependable, strong, always free,
A delightful spot beneath the tree.

Branches above me joyfully wave,
The way to heaven they seem to pave,
Quivering leaves, a tremulous sight,
Always cheerful, springtime bright,
New life around for all to see,
A delightful spot beneath the tree.

The playing of squirrels above me, around,
A haven for lambs when the rain comes down,
Views down the valley, oh so green,
What better place to sit and dream,
Sweet singing of birds to serenade me,
A delightful spot beneath the tree.

With balmy sun upon the lea,
What better spot than beneath a tree?

(Terry Yarrow)


‘Then God said, “Let the land produce vegetation: seed-bearing plants and trees on the land that bear fruit with seed in it, according to their various kinds.” And it was so. The land produced vegetation: plants bearing seed according to their kinds and trees bearing fruit with seed in it according to their kinds. And God saw that it was good.’ Genesis 1 v 11/12

Anyone who has followed either of my blogs, The Dorset Rambler or Time to Reflect, will know that I love the countryside. Just being in the midst of nature, whether it be walking, cycling, or just sitting, is wonderful and I can really appreciate the beauty of the natural world. As I sat beneath the tree composing the poem above, I felt like I was in agreement with God – Genesis tells us that He kind of stood back to look at His handiwork and He said, ‘It was good’ and that is exactly how I feel. Some say that they feel closer to God in the country, and you can see why.

In the poem, I have tried to capture my feelings and the scene around me, and the way that being in a natural environment just makes the cares of the world drain away. Try it, try sitting beneath a tree, listen to the birds, feel the breeze, notice the fruit, foliage and flowers…….and feel the stress drain from you.

Thanks for visiting Time to Reflect and for reflecting with me.

(All words and pictures on this site are copyright of Terry Yarrow and must not be reproduced without permission)



  1. Waxing lyrically under a spreading tree
    Watching Dragonflies, birds and the buzzing bee
    The warmth of sun, the caress of breeze
    The sting of mosquito and the bite of fleas
    Yet amidst it all, love is around
    It fills our hearts and permeates the ground
    This life is full of wonderous things
    And words like yours make us feel like kings
    But of course, we must never forget
    Our creator, our Father, the chief architect
    So thank you Terry for your words unfurled
    Now write your book and share with the world


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