I Wonder…….


Fungi Forest
Wonders on the forest floor……but only if you notice them!

Its an interesting phrase isn’t it – I wonder……..if………? But do we? I mean, do we wonder? You see, I’m not sure we really do.

Children do! They have this innate sense of wonder whereby little things hold them enthral, whether it be a tiny bug, a worm, a minute crab in a rock pool, an unusually shaped stick, or a myriad other things that just grab their attention. I just love seeing the way children view the world – we had twins once living near us and every time they came out of their house, they would crouch down and gaze intently at the ants running up and down the path. It was lovely to see. And if I take my grandson walking in the woods, you can guarantee that I will wind up with handfuls of all manner of sticks, stones, fir cones and anything else that takes his fancy.

Somewhere along the way, we lose that sense of wonder, that ability to magnify the mundane. Maybe it is in our teenage years when its not ‘cool’ to wonder at little things, when peer pressure says you must be detached and just enjoy music or parties or football or technology or computer games or whatever. Maybe it happens naturally because we get caught up in life and the busyness of career, car buying, house buying etc. Maybe as we get older, we consider other things like politics are more important so that the smaller things become just trivia. We kind of get carried away with the bigger picture. We lose the ability, and the time, to see the wonder in the simple things, and that is sad!

Whatever the reason, the fact is that for the most part we lose our childlike sense of wonder, our natural curiosity which makes everything interesting………unless we make a conscious effort to preserve it. Familiarity is part of the problem as we think we have ‘seen it all before’ so, why look again? The truth is though, if we lose our curiosity, things can become boring and life can become boring……..and that is a travesty, a waste of a gift. It is also true though that if we make that conscious effort, we are the richer for it, and our lives take on a greater sense of ‘alive-ness’, a greater connectedness to the world around us.

Cabbage Leaf
Just a cabbage leaf? But look at the textures, shapes and tones!

So how do we change this? Well first of all, become curious about everything, try to see things as if that is the first time you have you have seen it. Live in the moment and consciously notice what is around you, including the tiny details. Look up and look down and all around, rather than straight ahead. Look at things with a different viewpoint – think about sand for instance, it just looks like sand but see it through a magnifying glass and it becomes like boulders! Slow down, stop often, look and listen – use all the senses. Refuse to see anything as ‘ordinary’ and refuse to become blasé about the everyday things.

It is all about relearning the ability to see the way we saw when we were children and to allow ourselves to regain that sense of wonder we once had. It might take a bit of effort to start with but my, it will be effort that is well rewarded.

Thanks for visiting Time to Reflect and for reflecting with me.

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  1. Hi Terry great observations once again. In my opinion , and it counts for nothing, I blame our education system. When you go to school you become judged by a set of ‘normal standards/criteria’. All characteristics which make us unique are gradually destroyed and we follow a trail, which no matter which subjects we take, we are marked from A to F.

    Free thinking is not necessarily appreciated or encouraged and unless you excel at the core subjects …you are constantly told that you will not get the necessary exams to reach University or indeed eventually the jobs which will pay you the most money in your future life. It is not until you reach the end of your ‘useful’ working existence that somehow we return to that childlike creative state that we have allowed to hibernate for so many years……

    A cynic from Dorset 🙂

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    1. Yay, can you hear me applauding? You are singing my song. Our education system and particularly the way we were judged by achievements and results has for a long time been a soapbox subject of mine. From childhood onwards, dreaming and imagining should be encouraged – I can feel another blog post coming on 🙂 Thanks Kev!

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      1. We should get together again soon Terry. Trouble is I tore my calf muscle last week and not able to walk at the moment LOL – Its that flipping age thing just as I was getting excited again Lol 🙂

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      2. Ah no, sorry to hear that Kev. I’m getting over flu – had it for over 2 weeks now so I’ve not been walking much recently either. We should def get together soon though as soon as you are on your feet again.


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