Who Cares?


Who Cares!!!!
Derelict and overgrown, the years, and lack of care, have taken their toll

Faceless names upon the stone,
No one knows them, they are gone,
Ashes to ashes, no-one there,
Does anyone care?

Loved by someone when alive,
But all too soon, their time to die,
Leaving this earth, with mourners there,
People around to care!

Generations later, all forgot,
No-one now tends their final plot,
Overgrown and in disrepair,
Does anyone care?

Is anyone left to care?

Who cares?

Who Cares!!!!
The people are still there, but who cares?

This was a fascinating place, an old and uncared for Dorset cemetery.  Mentioned in the Doomsday Book, the old church to which the graveyard belonged was demolished in the 18th century to make way for a new building a mile or so down the road. The cemetery stands alone, neglected and uncared for, but the graves are still there, the bodies are still there, its just that no-one knows the people any more.  No one is left to remember them or tend their graves. But they were somebody once, loved and valued, they left a legacy no matter how small. Now they are just part of a long forgotten past!

It struck me as sad and poignant and I composed the above poem to express something of that feeling.

When those people were buried, others would have stood around the grave mourning their loss. For years someone probably tended the graves but one by one they too have passed on. Generations later, who is left to remember them…….who cares?

How many people will remember you or me, and for how long?  What legacy will we leave? Who will care? We need to make our lives count while we can!

Thanks for visiting Time to Reflect and for reflecting with me.

(All words and pictures are the copyright of Terry Yarrow)

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